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Service Descriptions


Updated: July 31, 2019


Where Customer has purchased particular Services under an Order Form, Customer will be entitled to those Services as described below in these Service Descriptions. Capitalized terms not defined in these Service Descriptions will have the meaning given them in the Master Terms For Managed Hospitality Services located at (or successor URL). Jazzware may change Service Descriptions from time to time to ensure that they accurately reflect the current Services that Jazzware provides.

JAZZ Call Accounting

Hardware and Software

Jazzware will provide the Services for Customer Properties with Jazzware standard integration of one PBX and one Property Management System (PMS) per Customer Property. The applicable Software will operate over a LAN, WAN, or intranet infrastructure provided by Customer.

Customer is responsible for properly configuring internal firewalls and internal network settings to enable communications between on-site JAZZ Edge devices and the Jazzware Hosted JAZZ.

Customer is responsible for providing Jazzware the configuration data necessary to enable Jazzware to configure JAZZ parameters to the Customer requirements including but not limited to the definition of guest rooms and guest telephone extensions, administrative telephone extensions, call pricing requirements, departmental listing of administrative extensions, automated report preferences, and alarm recipients.

Customer is responsible for working with their PMS company to ensure that the PMS is properly configured to interface with JAZZ Fusion to accommodate the automated posting of guest telephone calls.

Except where Jazzware is responsible for performing the on-site install, Customer is responsible for the placement of defined, system acceptance test calls at system cutover to ensure that the Services are properly handling call pricing and successful communications to the hotel PMS.

Except where Jazzware is responsible for performing the on-site install, Customer is responsible for placing performance verification test calls to confirm proper operation or to identify any shortcomings.

Customer Property Implementation

Jazzware will remotely configure the applicable Software on the JAZZ server at the Jazzware hosted central site to support each Customer Property for the Services. Customer will provide applicable information required for configuration of the Software, limited on-premise assistance for physical installation of cables and Hardware and testing of system operation. Implementation of the Software at a Customer Property requires the existence of an on-property network, consistent stable Internet access, and PBX and PMS interfaces that operate with the Software. Any requests for changes in Jazzware’s standard interfaces will be subject to a project fee. Upon implementation of the Software, Customer will complete Jazzware’s test plan within five (5) days. If Jazzware has not received a completed test plan within five (5) days, Jazzware will assume the system is operating properly. Fees charged by any third party vendors for interfaces and related functionality will be the responsibility of the Customer. Jazzware can optionally provide onsite implementation and the development of custom or proprietary interfaces for additional project fees.

Telephone Online Support

Jazzware will provide periodic rate table updates, program fixes and new releases as they are generally made available to its customers. Jazzware will provide telephone and online support for non-critical matters during Jazzware regular business hours. Telephone support specifically regarding critical matters involving significant revenue loss will be provided 24×7. The following Services will be excluded from support and will be chargeable as a separate project fee: Services resulting from (1) failure in Customer’s network, hardware, or infrastructure or from Customer or a third party’s operation, modification, configuration, or addition of software, hardware, interfaces or networks which impact the Services; (2) non critical requests made after Jazzware regular business hours; and (3) Services not specifically noted herein.

Jazzware regular business hours will be 8:30 am-5:30 pm eastern time, excluding weekends and legal holidays

System Operations Monitoring, Data Management, and Security.

Jazzware will provide ongoing monitoring of the applicable Software, servers, interfaces, and network operations. Jazzware reserves the right suspend the Services to perform routine maintenance. Jazzware will manage server and application security on the Jazzware central hosting site. Customer will manage security and networks on the Customer Property.

Additional Services

If Customer has purchased Level One Support for authorized users, Jazzware will respond and address calls made by authorized users from each Customer Property and will make occasional changes to application configurations, including pricing and telephone extension moves, adds and changes. More frequent requests will be proposed as a project fee.

If Customer has purchased Level Two Support for authorized users, Jazzware will respond and address calls made by authorized users based on problems that have been reported from the individual Customer Properties. Authorized users will diagnose and troubleshoot problems first and if unable to resolve, will then call Jazzware for assistance. All application configuration changes will be made by Customer. Jazzware will provide up to two hours of remote initial training per module to authorized users on the use and operation of the Services. All subsequent training will be chargeable as a project fee.

TeleManager Profitability Maximization (“TM”)

TeleManager One-Time Profit Opportunity Assessment

Jazzware will perform a one-time audit of each Customer Property’s pertinent telecommunications facilities, systems and services (“One-Time Audit”). The audit will establish a baseline profile of the Customer Property’s telecommunications technology infrastructure and profit efficiency. Initial recommendations for revenue enhancement and costs savings will be derived from the assessment and provided in report form.

Monthly Profitability Analysis

Jazzware will provide each Customer Property with an ongoing monthly analysis of its efficiency and effectiveness regarding telephone department cost management, revenue and pricing management, and facilities configuration and management. Analysis and recommendations will be quantified as return on investment opportunities and presented as a statement of opportunity.

Dedicated Account Analyst

Jazzware will assign a Dedicated Account Analyst by name to work with each Customer Property. The analyst will assist in identifying and reviewing new and pending profit enhancement opportunities, developing profitability action plans, and reviewing recent profit accomplishments and their basis of verification and measurement. The analyst will also be available by phone during Jazzware regular business hours for consultation and questions regarding their monthly reporting and analysis, ongoing telemanagement decisions, development of telecommunications strategies and objectives, and by providing guidance in implementing strategies and objectives within the Services infrastructure.

Tracking of Opportunities and Accomplishments

Jazzware will provide online tracking of each Customer Property’s profit performance and specific opportunities and accomplishments. If Jazzware provides such tracking through a web-based portal, secure access will be provided via individual username and password.

Ongoing Profitability Performance Monitoring

Jazzware will provide selected monitoring of conditions that affect revenue, costs, and profitability, including extended disruptions to revenue posting process, for each Customer Property. Jazzware will assist each Customer Property in identifying problems, assessing their severity, and properly organizing for resolution.

Opportunity Capture Projects from One-Time Audit Recommendations

TeleManager Analysts will execute and implement, at the Customer Property request, the revenue enhancement and costs savings recommendations identified in the One-Time Audit. Implementation will be proposed as a professional services project fee.