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Jazzware Benefits

Guest Centric Billing

Jazzware allows unlimited billing schemes for surcharging calls by person, extension, property, occupant, visitor or group.  Using guest information received from the property management system such as a group code or guest type, Jazzware will determine the billing plan that should be applied to a guest’s phone calls.  With Jazzware guest centric call accounting:

  • Eliminate the need for manual write offs at the front desk for preferred guests
  • Eliminate the limitation of having to assign preferred guests to select rooms or select floors in order to get appropriate call billing

Reporting and Elimination of Wake-up Printer

Through the Jazzware portal, users have access to meaningful reports with numerous filtering capabilities.  Users can produce the information needed to conduct a night audit reconciliation, monitor performance, or detect fraudulent use of the phone system.   With Jazzware the user can:

  • Schedule reports to run daily, weekly, monthly or on demand and print to multiple network printers, faxes or e‐mail addresses
  • Redirect wake-up printer output to Jazzware and eliminate the cost and hassle of the wake-up printer
  • View wake-up call activity in real time through the Jazzware portal or through the Jazzware wake-up call reporting feature

Multi-Channel Alerting

Jazzware’s multi-channel alerting can deliver notifications of critical events via desktop pop-up application, email, SMS and/or recorded phone message. All alerts include the type of event that occurred, the extension or room number involved, and the date and time of the incident. The recorded phone message alerts call a designated administrative extension and play a recording with this information. The phone alert must be acknowledged or it will continue to call back a configurable amount of tries.

Reduce liability and increase guest satisfaction by alerting staff of critical guest impacting events including:

  • Emergency call placement (notify staff when an emergency call has been placed)
  • Unanswered wake-up calls
  • Wake-up system errors
  • Lack of wake-up status updates from the wake-up system

Knowledgeable Support and Custom Services

Our knowledgeable Support and Professional Services Teams are world renowned for their superior service and customer-oriented approach to problem solving.  Our teams provide:

  • 24 x 7 emergency support
  • Extension adds, moves and changes at no extra cost
  • Rate table updates at no extra cost
  • Customized training programs and materials available remotely or on-site to suit the needs of your property, organization or users

Combined Jazzware and TeleManager Benefits

With the combined power of Jazzware and the TeleManager program:

  • A dedicated expert TeleManager Account Manager with advance knowledge and support of the Jazzware system will:
    • Monitor and assist to resolve all interface monitoring alarms quickly
    • Place change orders for Jazzware changes on behalf of the hotel and verifies proper implementation via data analysis
    • Verify that quarterly rate table updates are loaded to server
    • Work directly with Jazzware support if a posting efficiency issue is identified through monthly TeleManager Reporting. Posting efficiency ensures that every guest revenue eligible calls priced that should have and priced at the intended rates
  • The TeleManager on-premise platform can be eliminated as the data can be obtained through the Jazzware Call Accounting, reducing pricing for the combined solution